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Don’t waste your existing devices

Xiaomi Dyson air purifier, TV, Motion sensors, Tablets, Google speakers. Add existing devices into your automation system

Fully Customizable Automations

No issue is too big or too small, we offer customization to suit your specific needs

Elevate your lifestyle. Live Smart

Singapore’s first and only problem-based home automation solution system

Sometimes life gets hectic – but having all your devices are connected in one dashboard helps eliminate some of those little stressors.

Unlock your smart devices true power with our easy to use software. Our team of Software Engineers and designers improve your home performance and life.

How we solve your problems with technology


We come up with a automation solution that is personalised to your liefstyle and household as much as possible so that it specifically resolves your problems


Our team of programming experts work on creating the best dashboard interface, ensuring that all controls work smoothly

Do you have too many smart apps to control?

You’ve got all the devices and tools to make your house smart, but is it really saving a lot of time if you’re having to control different parts of your home from differents apps, you’d have to spend time finding the app you need and figure out which device you want to control.

Which layout would you prefer to use when controlling your home devices?

Most home automatioin solutions make use of a listicle layout labelling various lights and switches as “Light 1, Light 2” which is not a realistic way of remembering every light and fixture at home. Instead, we adopt a more visual approach to represent every device in your home exactly how it looks like to your home layout so it is easier for you to identify the specific device you want to control

Simple, Secure and Reliable

Your All-in-one System

This is why we designed the most beautiful dashboard that not only looks good but is incredibly user-friendly for all to use. We combine all your smart apps and devices into 1 interface that allows you to control your entire home without having to switch apps.

Open the door to the future

Why Automate Your Home?

A smart, convenient home makes life simple

 An automated smart home makes your life more comfortable knowing that you have complete control at your fingertips with just a soft touch.

With our user-friendly interface and ease of use, even the elderly do not have to struggle.

A smart home that ensures your safety

Instead of you giving commands to voice assistant, your smart home talks to you to recommend or warn you of events.

Be alerted for break in, fire and smoke, or when your children leave the house past bed time.

Control Your Home from Anywhere in The World

Your smart home devices, CCTV cameras, rooms and more can be remotely controlled via your smart home mobile app even when you are hundreds of miles away.

Gain full control even when you are away.

Services Provided

A truly thoughtful home automation considers the lifestyle you want

Free to choose the best

Unlimit your selection for devices. Choose your favourites: Dyson, Tesla car, Samsung washer, Aqara, Yale lock, Google assistant

Enhance Home Security

We have well secured over 2600+ homes and offices to date. Turn your home into a safe sanctuary to cherish precious time together with your family.

Maintain Healthy Homes

We ensure safe air quality, integrate smoke detection, automate robot vacuum cleaners, install leak detection to prevent mold and automate your toilet ventilation. 

Operate Without Internet, Reliability

Increase reliability, increase up time.

Have the ability run your house without broken data transmitted through different countries. Your data is within your home.

Experience Remote Access

Increase reliability, increase up time.

Have complete control of your home even when you are on holiday. Know everything about your home status with just a glance on your phone.

Secured Cloud Back Up

Increase reliability, increase up time.

Have a routine backup for your home data and custom configurations. Fret not, as our customer support will be there for you when you need it the most.

Known for technology and design

1000+ Intelligent Integrations

Most number of brands compared to any other system

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