We don’t make you pay extra fees unlike retail stores.

Skip the middleman and the unnecessary overheads or retail fees with our competitively priced home solutions. Together with our free professional installation supported with warranty, you have our promise of full protection.

We’re not just about security, we’re about the trust.

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So, why are we more affordable?

No high overhead costs, less operational expenses. In return, we are able to pass the savings on to you consumers who matter most. So no frills you don’t need, no markups.

We provide only direct imports and top-notch installation services with warranty protection. Modern world security shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be for everyone.

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Unmatched Prices

Skip the middleman and the unnecessary overheads or retail fees with our competitively priced home solutions.

Together with our free professional installation supported with warranty, you have our promise of full protection.

Superior Craftsmanship

Enjoy guaranteed reliability and security with our in-house professional installers who have a decade’s worth of experience. 

They undergo ample trainings to stay updated with new lock technology trends and provide a professional installation experience for you.

Quality Assured

It’s not just the lock that makes the product; it’s our full suite of services that guarantees you a safe and secure installment process.

We take care of your home from end to end, from purchase, to installation to after-sales services.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We invest heavily in top-notch machinery to ensure our installers have the best tools.

With proper machinery, it improves the precision and consistency during the installation process as opposed to manual chiseling.

Step-by-Step Guidance

From our assessment of your door and lock suitability to the installation and final setup, we will be your one-stop shop.

We believe in empowering users with proper knowledge on setup, configuration and guidance in the use of your new home solution.

Legendary After Sales

You’re not just a one-time customer. You’re a lifetime customer to us.

Access our Members Portal to retrieve lifetime resources such as video instructions, manual and product care instructions. You can also call our emergency hotline for immediate support.

Open the door to the future

Transforming the way you live

Onboard the new standard of living & security

Unlocking your home shouldn’t be a hassle. Control access at your fingertips with just a soft touch so you can unlock with ease. With its user-friendly interface and ease of use, even the elderly will be thrilled they don’t have to struggle with remembering passwords anymore. 

Even when leaving your home, a light touch on the handle is all it takes with the advanced built-in proximity and movement sensors.

Stay secure, go keyless

Ditch the keys. Keys are misplaceable, easily duplicated, and susceptible to theft. With biometric identification, it’s spoof-proof, impossible to replicate and offers you highest security and absolute assurance.

Built in with the advanced firewall security features, your smart lock is cyber safe and hack-proof. Your home could not possibly be more secure.

Stay connected anytime, anywhere

Access anytime anywhere with our smart app. This smart access solution allows you to control your door access remotely wherever you are. Compatible with your other smart home assistants, you can now add home security to your ecosystem of home automation.

Remote Unlocking

Unlock your door at any point of time from any place
through your mobile phone

Notice of Arrival

Be notified when someone enters your home and also access your log history

Set Key Duration

Be able to set a password with a timeframe for regular visitors to easily unlock your door

One-Time Password

Give a one-time access to visitors who do not often frequent your home

Where security meets aesthetics

Who says locks have to be bulky and monstrous? Now you can redefine your home with sleek, sophisticated and smart locks, that you’ll be the envy of your visitors and neighbors. Redefine your home today with our promise of protection.

Securing your home seamlessly

Compatible With All Doors

Metal Doors/Gates

Generally used on HDB or Condo’s metal gate or door without the need for a secondary metal box, keeping the entrance to your home aesthetically pleasing.

Wooden Doors

Typically installed on HDB or Condo’s doors, or in some cases, commercial offices. Such installation can be done on any type of wood cleanly without unsightly wood chipping off.

Glass Doors

Commonly used for entry into commercial offices or communal spaces which require multiple access with security and a professional elegant look.

Office Door Installations

We provide professional door installation to coperate clients as well. Shop our wide range of metal, wooden and even glass door locks.

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HDB/Condo Installation

We have well secured over 2600+ homes and offices till date. Make your home your sanctuary to cherish precious time together with your family.

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Renovation Delays?

We understand the pain of unplanned and last minute renovation delays. Here at AutoLifeTech, we are flexible with our schedules, you can shift your appointment at no extra charge. Simply contact our customer service agent!

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