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We have well secured over 2600+ homes and offices to date. Turn your home into a safe sanctuary to cherish precious time together with your family.

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We ensure safe air quality, integrate smoke detection, automate robot vacuum cleaners, install leak detection to prevent mold and automate your toilet ventilation. 

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Most switches, lights, and remotes do not need an internet connection to run. Rest assured that you still can upgrade to a smart home even with no or weak WiFi. 

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Have complete control of your home even when you are on holiday. Know everything about your home status with just a glance on your phone.

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Have a routine backup for your home data and custom configurations. Fret not, as our customer support will be there for you when you need it the most.

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Are you facing these problems?

Woes of Working From Home

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Azhar has received a warning about getting retrenched because he cannot produce work at home. He constantly feels distracted and tired. During the discovery inspection, he realised his light flickers badly, and outdoor sounds cause reverberation in the enclosed room. Azhar mentions when he works, he feels like resting. When he rests, he thinks about completing work.

Our Solution

The lights were replaced with smart anti-flickering lights. Doors and windows were enclosed with sound dampening materials. Lastly, a smart automation timer was installed for him to do focused work using Pomodoro technique with break times allocated.

Final Results

Azhar can manage his work and rest timing. He feels less distracted and tired which increased his productivity. He is proud of his improvements.

Addicted to TV Games

Read Issue

Jason is in primary school. After school, he always sits in the living room and plays TV games (his favourite Plants vs Zombies). Recently he got into an argument with his mum for lying about his game addiction. His mum wants Jason to first shower, complete an hour of homework, then be allowed game time.

Our Solution

A water sensor was installed in the shower. A customised focus study mode was programmed for Jason. It optimises his light, aircon, music with an inbuilt timer. Only after showering and 1 hour of sitting at the study chair (tracked by presence sensor), Jason can activate his game with the automated tablet.

Final Results

Jason came home and showered immediately instead of delaying for hours. He was able to study for 1 hour consistently.

Dementia – Loved and Not Forgotten

Read Issue

Grandma forgot her handphone. She went out in the middle of the night and got lost as she cannot remember her address. The family was worried, stayed up all night searching for her, and reported to the police.

Our Solution

A smart door lock was installed at her home. It can track whenever grandma entered or exited the house. If grandma opens her gate without a handphone, a voice reminder will play by the speaker “Take your phone, it is still charging”.

Final Results

Grandma always forgets to bring her handphone, these reminders saved Grandma from the distress of getting lost.

There’s value in customization.

Each individual has their unique home preferences, be it for
1. Your child’s home-based learning
2. Elderly folks who require special attention
3. Personal entertainment after a long day’s work

Experience an integrated smart home suited for your lifestyle.

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Experience an advanced voice control system with complex tasks and conditions programmed just for you. Explore the option to turn your custom texts into speeches.

Revolutionary System Thinking Approach

What is needed for a well-thought home? Most home automation companies will promote devices as solutions. However, we think SYSTEMS, USER FLOW, and EXPERIENCES. Here at AutoLifeTech, we map out your routines and activities to create an intelligent design.

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Other Problems You Might Face

Unbearable Hot Flush at Night

Read Issue

Constance is in her 50s. Every night she constantly wakes up feeling thirsty and unbearably warm. She would switch on her bright light, aircon, and drink a big cup of water. Her large water intake causes multiple visits to the toilet. She feels terrible when she wakes up.

Our Solution

To track her sleep cycles, a sleep tracker was installed with sensors that measure temperature, toilet time, and duration. Whenever she experiences a hot flush episode, she can press a button that automatically closes her windows and doors with aircon switched on a timer for her duration of her hot flush. A dim night light will be turned on, bright enough to drink water and visit the toilet.

Final Results

She can fall back asleep faster and feels more refreshed during the day. Her husband is also less disrupted by the bright lights.

Helper Does More Hurt Than Help

Read Issue

Susu the helper is not monitored during the day when the owner is out. The owner complains that Susu does not clean the rooms, and opens door cabinets drawers that are not allowed to be touched. The owner requested no usage of CCTV but still wants to track activity in the house.

Our Solution

Multiple sensors were installed around the house. Light switch activity was monitored as an estimation of if someone was in the room. The power consumption of cleaning devices was tracked. For example, if a vacuum cleaner was used, the owner will know the time spent cleaning in which room by its socket plugs.

Final Results

With the knowledge of being monitored, Susu’s performance improved.

Constant Running Nose

Read Issue

Martin has been visiting doctors and taking medication for a year because of his runny nose. His nose always feels itchy which has affected his concentration.

Our Solution

3 Hypotheses were made: Cat in the house, food sensitivity or fumes from the coffee shop under the block. Air quality sensors were installed in each of his rooms. A smart log was implemented for Martin to track his runny nose.

Final Results

Martin’s runny nose coincided with bad air quality (PM10 and VOC) usually before his meal times. Martin concluded that it was the fumes from the coffee shop. He shifted his room and bought better air purifiers. He was thankful to still be able to enjoy good food and his pet cat.

Weight Loss – A Struggle of Control

Read Issue

Fiona always blamed herself for having poor self-control of her food addiction and laziness to exercise. She wanted to lose weight badly. During the discovery session, we noticed pastries and sweet drinks on the living room table. When asked, Fiona mentioned it always reminded her of her lack of discipline.

Our Solution

An automation dashboard will show her weight loss journey in a graph. She started replacing her cookies and sweet drinks with plain water and a yoga mat. She schedules 2 workout routines daily, each session lasting for 10mins. At the appointed time, her workout music will play with her lights and curtains opening automatically. Her friend subsequently agreed to the same routine, joining in by video chat.

Final Results

Fiona felt proud of herself that she had healthier habits. Instead of blaming herself, she recognised that environment and having habits were huge factors that helped her weight loss journey.

Rental Nightmares

Read Issue

John rented out rooms with electrical bills included for extra income. He discovered his electrical bills almost increased by 50%.

Our Solution

Smart sockets and presence detectors were installed to monitor activity and electrical consumption.

Final Results

John discovered high consumption in 1 room. Upon investigation, bitcoin mining machines were running 24/7. John managed to renegotiate with his tenant and increase the rental price.

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