Samsung SHP-DP738/9 Smart Digital Lock

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Premium Bluetooth Push/Pull Digital Lock

Over 1,000+ Satisfied Singaporean Homes installed Samsung DR738/9 by our Master Installers.

Models and Colour:
DP739 Gold (with RIFD Tag Card Reader)

DP738 Bronze (without RFID Tag Card Reader)
DP738 Silver – No longer available

Features: Biometric Fingerprint | Push-Pull Function | Smart Open Function | Arrival Notification | Auto Locking | Auto Polling | Anti-theft Mode | One Time Password | Random Security Code | Volume Control | Fire Warning | 9V Battery Backup

4 Access Mode:
1. Mobile App connected via Bluetooth
2. Biometric Fingerprint (Max. 100)
3. Keypad Pincode (4-12 digits)
4. Master Emergency Keys (2pcs)
5. RFID Tag Card (2pcs) – Only for DP739 Gold

Pay a deposit of $100 per item