Watch Introduction Video
Models Face unlock(8HW) or Video(1HW) 


If additional support is needed, please state E-receipt order number located in email. For non-customers, a min S$80 will be charged for service. 

General Support Hotline

Download English Manual PDF

Store the manual in your phone. Have a copy of master password stored safely.

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Download Mobile Application

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Care for your Lock

1. Use good quality Alkaline batteries (For face model)
2. Change batteries every 6 months or when battery indicator/ alarm alerts
3. Do not slam door, install door closer
4. Do not let water seep in when cleaning warranty does not cover water damage.

If Fingerprint does not work well

Understand your Fingerprint reader, it is Press-and-Hold still type not a swipe type.
1. Change weak batteries when fingerprint reading is slow
2. Register same Fingerprint more times at different angles.
3. if Fingerprint is faded, register another fingerprint.

In case of Emergency

If battery is flat, use Key to open or micro USB Cable and power bank.
*Important, please keep key outside of house eg. in car or other home.