Low Battery Alarm

If the batteries are running low, the door lock informs you through a specific melody or keypad LED. Replace ALL batteries with new Alkaline batteries. Toshiba, Panasonic, GP, Duracell. Do not use heavy duty.

What to do when you battery is dead

External Battery

Connect a 9V battery to the contact point. Hold for 5-10 Seconds. While external battery is connected: Use fingerprint, card or password to unlock your Digital lock. **Note For some newer models, USB cable with power bank might be used to power externally. Please purchase from 7-Eleven or supermarket if required.

External Key (if applicable)

IMPORTANT: Please do not keep the key inside house. A min charge of $80 onwards if no external key is available.

Turn key to unlock. Different lock models have different locations for key slots. Key Slot might be hidden by a cap.

*Philips lock: Require to twist key and pull handle at the same time


Samsung DP609- Power Bank with MicroUSB Cable

Emergency Power Supply

If batteries are not replaced on time, they will be completely discharged and the lock will not operate.

To open the door, connect a Micro USB 5-Pin cable from a smartphone portable charger to the Micro USB power input on the bottom of the outer body, and then authenticate the fingerprint of enter the password.

What to look for when Buying Batteries

Use good quality alkaline batteries

Recommended Brand: Alkaline Panasonic, DuraCell, GP, Toshiba, 

DO NOT use cheap batteries which might leak, Ikea, decathalon, etc. 
DO NOT use Energizer Batteries
DO NOT use Heavy duty batteries
DO NOT mix old and new batteries. Use only New and Same type of Alkaline batteries

IMPORTANT: Failure to comply will result in circuit board issue. Warranty does not cover circuit board issue due to wrong battery.