We provide more affordable prices

No high overhead costs, less operational expenses. In return, we are able to pass the savings on to you consumers who matter most. So no frills you don’t need, no markups.

We provide only direct imports and top-notch installation services with warranty protection. Modern world security shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be for everyone.

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Our Product Prices

We don’t make you pay extra fees unlike retail stores.

Skip the middleman and the unnecessary overheads or retail fees with our competitively priced home solutions. Together with our free professional installation supported with warranty, you have our promise of full protection.

Our Installers

Skillful and Professional Installers

We have an experienced in-house team of installers with regular training and decades of experience.They have a broad range of expertise from handling right side and face plates to proper timber backing. We also have more control on quality and feedback assessment so your needs are fully met.

External Installers

They often outsource installers to external contractors. They have less quality control for 3rd party agencies and may lack the standard and quality that you should expect.

Our Techonology

Advanced Machinery and Tools

We invest heavily in cutting-edge machinery for greater precision and cleaner installation. For instance, for mortise lock, motorized drilling is used for proper functioning and security. Precision placement of your digital lock also prevents jams and inconvenience.

Poor Choice of Machine and Tools

Their type of machinery used can vary greatly, and is usually dependent upon the willingness of distributors to pay for trusted installers. If poor choice of tools are used, this may lead to jammed doors or malfunctioning locks.

Our Guidance

Step-by-step Customer Service

We take the time to provide step-by-step guidance, programming, setup, and configuration to you. By requesting pictures of your door, we will advise and ensure that your chosen lock is suitable. This reduces any disappointment on the installation day itself. Our installers also share secret tips on product care, so that your lock will last well.

Unfocused Customer Service

Outsourced vendors typically service multiple customers a day and often have a packed schedule. With a rushed installation process, you may not receive the focus you and your lock deserve.

Our Aftersales Support

Ever-Ready and Efficient Support

We ensure upkeep of exceptional after-sales support through our Members’ Portal where product information such as video instructions on cleaning and maintenance are provided.

While many of the digital locks have fail-safe features, our technical support is also readily available. We can provide immediate emergency assistance to you as our purchase records are kept internally.

Time Consuming Support 

They may require more time to contact and verify your purchase with an external contractor. This would not be ideal in the event of an emergency.


We don’t make you pay extra fees unlike retail stores.

we offer the best prices

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